APC Mini Session Overview MIDI script for Ableton Live (free)

Session Overview it important missing feature in Akai APC Mini controller.

The APC MINI Session Overview is the free script adds the missing piece to the controller functionality. It lets you navigate through your Live Set quickly. In Session Overview mode the matrix zooms out to reveal an overview of your Session View.

How it works?

Layout is inspired by similar script from Isotonik Studios.
The script provides 2 ways to use it:

1. Stick

In order to enable Session Overview mode and make it stick,
simply hold Shift and click first button below the [SOFT KEYS].
The button will indicate itself with a green color.

Toggling the button enables/disables the Session Overview mode.
To go back to default clips mode simply un-hold Shift button.
Now each time you hold shift the Session Overview will be activated.

2. Quick

Hold Shift and green button together with delay. This will keep Session Overview active
until you release both buttons. It’s a nice shortcut if you need a navigate quickly without
permanent activation of Session Overview mode.

Colors works very similar to APC40 session overview described here:

Follow standard procedure explained here:

The installed script should appear as “APC mini Session Overview” in Live’s Preferences → MIDI tab. Please note that the script was tested only on Ableton Live 9.6.2 and it probably won’t work on earlier versions.

If you need older version of a script for Ableton Live 9.6.1 please use Contact form.

If you have ideas for other Ableton Live MIDI scripts for any controllers, please get in touch using the Contact page.

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