APC Mini Sends View for Bitwig Studio (free)

The APC MINI Sends View is the free modification of APC Mini Script for Bitwig Studio, written by Jürgen Moßgraber. It enables new view, called Sends. Which provides quick and easy access to Send controls and enables amazing live performance features. Inspired by DJ Kiva Live Dub Performance.

How it works?

video is coming soon

To enable new mode click Shift and first button in a second row. Bitwig Studio will indicate that `Sends` view is active via a notification message.

Now each column represents 8 sends controls per channel. First click sets send to 100%, next click toggles it back to 0% and so on. Green color represents 100%, yellow represents between 0% and 100%, “no color” represents 0%. Red buttons on the bottom work as usual. For live performance it’s nice to enable “Mute” mode for them.

Follow standard procedure, described here. Keep in mind that standard script and my script can’t work simultaneously. If you already installed Jürgen’s APC Mini script, you should move it to different folder as a backup.

The installed script should appear as “APC mini” in Bitwig’s Preferences. Please note that the script was tested only on Bitwig Studio 3.1.9 and it probably won’t work on earlier versions.

If you have ideas for other Ableton Live or Bitwig MIDI scripts for any controllers, please get in touch using the Contact page.

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